Q: How does Traffic Shake work?

A: The users of Traffic Shake shake their phones whenever they are stuck in traffic. When you log on, you can see where other users have run into traffic. Because everyone who uses the app can also report traffic, the information is shared between all of you. The more users participate in the community, the better the information reported.

Q: There aren't that many traffic reports in my area.

A: Because Traffic Shake is a very new app, right now there aren't that many users in your area. As users of the application increase, the accuracy of the traffic reports will increase.

Q: I'm stuck in traffic, what do I do?

A: Open the application (make sure your car is stopped, so you don't cause an accident). Then shake your phone. This will send your traffic report to the community. After a short period, you will see your traffic report appear on the map.

Q: Do you have traffic reports from other providers.

A: We only have very few external traffic reports. Currently the app has reports from the England Highways Agency. We will add others as soon as possible.